Go farther in understanding
your employees

Two make a better team than one. Zenithr’s Employee 180° feedback incorporates a unique method to understand the experiences of employees. Managers gain valuable insights through honest self-assessment and team members provide feedback through direct reports that show you how well they are adjusting to the work and responding to your managers.
Why 180° Feedback

Enhance the work environment with effective feedback

Uncover blind spots in the workforce

Take a glance into several perspectives of your employees to understand their perspectives and study their performance and potential improvements of the leaders in the workplace.

Help your managers excel

Managers have the chance to conduct self-assessments and receive feedback from team members to foster continuous improvement and empower managers with actionable insights for growth.

Improve team performance

The Employee 180° Feedback survey bridges the gap between managers and their teams by addressing leadership areas that directly impact employee engagement and performance. This, in turn, makes for better work dynamics to ensure a smoother and seamless workflow.

How does employee 180° feedback work?

The cutting-edge dashboard

With the Employee 180° Feedback, you have access to an advanced dashboard to view the various feedback and performance of your managers to analyze their skills and set the steps for their growths.
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A library of behavioral competencies

Go beyond generic evaluations. With Zenithr, you can access a library of validated behavioral competencies for impactful manager assessments. Tailor the process to your business’s needs by creating and customizing your own competencies for truly insightful and actionable feedback.
a screenshot showing a dashboard with multiple tasks