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Employee Experience

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Employee Onboarding

Create a positive first impression with a welcoming onboarding

From day one, ensure new hires are provided with the best impression and onboarding process with Employee Onboarding. Our data-driven approach streamlines hiring and reduces turnover with experiences that make new hires feel valued and supported. Access detailed surveys, tailored services, actionable insights, and more to invest in a strong foundation.
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Employee Onboarding
Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement

Empower business growth and engagement

Our unique services help drive motivation, performance, and engagement within your team with tailored recommendations. Using a comprehensive IMPACT model, designed to foster a more engaged and efficient workforce, businesses can ensure a better relationship between managers and the team.
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Employee Well-being

Take care of your business and its people

Zenithr’s Employee Well-being helps businesses foster a positive and healthy work environment that attracts, motivates, and cares for the team. With data-driven insights, detailed overviews, and well-being scores, you can build a workforce with positive physical and mental well-being.
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Employee Satisfaction
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Employee Happiness

Cultivate a culture of joy

Build an environment of happiness with Employee Happiness with a comprehensive set of tools designed to empower your employees at every stage of their careers. With data-driven insights into employee satisfaction, business can measure happiness across various aspects and place strategic plans based on your unique needs.
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Employee Exit

Transform exits into future successes

With Employee Exit, you can turn departing employee feedback into actionable insights to improve your workplace. With customizable surveys, you can dive deeper into the business’s work conditions with a layered analysis to gain a holistic, comprehensive view of possible improvements.
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Employee 360° Feedback

Utilize feedback to your advantage

Go beyond one-dimensional feedback and gain a holistic view of what your managers and employees think about the business and its work environment. This will help you explore the positive and negative feedback to develop strategic and targeted improvement plans.
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Employee 180° Feedback

Foster continued growth and improvement

Cultivate a better workforce with Employee 180° Feedback using a system that fosters open communication and valuable insights, and pinpoints the key areas for growth. With a panoramic view of the feedback, you can unlock improved performance and bridge the gap between managers and their teams.
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