Enhance retention
with Exit surveys

Zenithr’s Employee Exit surveys help you gather insights into the experiences of your employees. Feedback makes you grow stronger, learning from mistakes and evolving how you do business. This can help you reduce turnover and strengthen your workplace. As a manager or business owner, employee exits are an important tool in pinpointing areas of improvement within your workplace to truly unlock the potential of your business.
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Why employee Exit

Dig deeper with tailored
exit surveys

Improve your workplace

Employee Exit surveys go beyond regular goodbyes. With Zenithr, your exit interviews can play a crucial role in understanding how your employees feel about the workplace. With this information, you can pinpoint how to improve working conditions and keep your employees motivated.

Attract and retain top talent

Leveraging feedback from employees who are leaving with Zenithr’s Employee Exit surveys can help refine your culture and build a company where people want to grow and stay. This, in turn, attracts top talent and boosts retention, essentially creating a better and more inspiring place to work.

Assess the challenges

With detailed surveys given to employees during their exit from the business, you can learn from the main challenges employees are facing and make informed decisions on how to tackle and navigate these challenges.

How does employee exit work?

The 7 factors of the exit

The Employee Exit survey utilizes seven different factors to help you understand the different potentials for improvement across your business. These factors include working conditions, position, rules and policies, compensation and benefits, career advancement, communication and management style.

Graphical representations

The Employee Exit solution provides users with details graphs, charts, and results of the feedback through innovative and user-friendly dashboards that help businesses filter data for a better overview of the situation.

A layered survey

With Zenithr, the Employee Exit survey studies and analyses various layers of the work environment and atmosphere based on the employee’s feedback and thoughts.