Dig deeper into the layers of feedback

With Zenithr’s Employee 360° feedback, you’re getting a full coverage view of everything that goes on in the office. Use detailed surveys to dig into every corner of the workplace. Listen and learn from the managers, staff, peers, and even clients to determine the strengths, weaknesses, and areas of growth. With the right advice and the right tools with the Employee 360° feedback, your business can improve and thrive beyond simple practices.
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Why 360° Feedback

Turn insight into growth

Gain feedback from every angle

Employee 360° feedback gives you a complete picture of performance, environment, and potential improvement from both teams and individual employees.

Access diverse assessments

With various feedback from employees and managers, you can use different layers of assessments to develop initiatives, allocate resources, and make decisions to ensure all employees are comfortable in their roles and in the workplace as a whole.

Improve transparency and trust

Receiving feedback from various people and levels in the business can encourage open dialogue and honest communication between employees and managers to foster a workplace of trust. With this, your business can strengthen relationships and create a more positive work experience for all.

How does employee 360° feedback work?

The 5-point competency categories

With Zenithr’s Employee 360° Feedback, your business can explore different categories in competency such as transformational leadership, delivering results, self-development, working with others, and management.
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Tools to compare data

Receiving information and feedback from more than one layer of the business can be quite overwhelming. Our tools help you compare and contrast different feedback and strategize how to move forward in improving your workforce.
a radar chart comparing between two candidates