Spread happiness

within your workspace

Keep your employees happy and smiling with an innovative and distinct tool that measures and improves happiness in all corners of your business. With practices that incorporate happiness into your workforce, your business can create an organized work structure, build close-knit relationships between employees and managers, and retain talent to contribute to the growth of your business.
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Why Happiness

Learn how happiness
leads to success

Empower your business growth

With Employee Happiness at the core of your business, you can improve productivity in your employees and, essentially, grow your business. As one happy team, employees would be more motivated to work together and achieve the needed results for the business.

Centralize happiness in your employees

A satisfied and happy employee is more likely to put 100% of their effort into seeing your business succeed. With our innovative tools, managers can measure their employee happiness and pinpoint how to improve the overall atmosphere of the workforce.

Reduce employee turnover

Employee Happiness is designed to help sustain employees for the long term and shape brand ambassadors that help propel your business and achieve its goals. With happiness embedded into the work culture, your turnover rate can decrease greatly and evolve your business into a more desirable place to work.

What can you do with employee happiness?

The happiness indicator

Zenithr provides the tools to determine the level of happiness in the workplace so managers can assess their current situations to make more informed decisions in terms of employee satisfaction.

The 6Cs Model

The Employee Happiness service from Zenithr provides a distinct and scientific 6Cs Model to help businesses measure happiness using factors such as culture, compensation, connection, conditions, career advancement, and continuity.

Insights into happiness

Our unique and innovative tools provide businesses with detailed insights and data that allow managers to view the overall satisfaction of their employees.

Action plans and overviews

Every business has its strengths and weaknesses and with Employee Happiness, employers can pinpoint these factors more clearly. ZENITHR helps business owners, managers, and seniors devise and strategize plans that improve happiness based on the 6Cs.