Take care of your
team’s well-being

Zenithr’s Employee Well-being puts the health and well-being of your employees at the center. You can make your workplace a great place to work that attracts, motivates, and cares for employees. This way businesses have the potential to grow, build lifelong relationships with their employees and achieve their goals. With innovative tools and detailed surveys, managers can dig deeper into the essence of a satisfied employee and pinpoint practices and improvements to help prioritize well-being.
Employee Satisfaction
Why Employee Well-being

Understand the power
of well-being

Build a healthier environment

Employees are looking for a safe space to thrive and grow their careers. With Employee Well-Being, your business can do just that and create a place where team members feel more motivated to work with mental health at the top of the list, decreasing the chance of burnout and health risks.

Shape a positive culture

Businesses that improve their overall culture and build happy work conditions create a desirable company where current and future employees can grow, achieve their goals, and sustain their careers. This, overall, attracts talent and retains them over longer periods of time.

Improve your brand positioning

Nowadays, employees are searching for businesses that put culture and environment as a priority. Improving your workplace setting can strengthen your brand in the market as a whole.

Gain the tools that make your employees happy and confident

Data & Analytics

Employee Well-Being from Zenithr details your current situation and provides information to plan your way forward. These analytics are based on certain data such as demographics to provide you with a broader view of your business’s current situation.

A detailed overview

With our innovative tools, businesses understand specific areas and departments that may need improvement. Managers can pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses to make informed decisions for the future of the business.

Scores on well-being

Zenithr’s Employee Well-Being provides an efficient tool that scores your business’s well-being situation using cutting-edge technology and scientific methods. With better insight into your scores, our tools recommend actions and practices to improve your score and overall environment.

Various dimensions of well-being

Employee Well-Being tackles various aspects of employee wellness. With Zenithr, your business can measure and implement improvements in physical, psychological, social, occupational, and financial well-being, to help employees thrive across the board.