Motivate your team

to stay engaged

Zenithr's Employee Engagement will provide a deep dive into your employees' behaviors through surveys that are designed to create a positive work environment. With various features using scientific practices, research, and psychological insights, our IMPACT Model empowers employee engagement, contributing to sustained workplace efficiency.
Employee Engagement
Why employee Engagement

The effects of improving employee engagement

Retain top talent

Make your employees feel confident and motivated in your workplace to improve their performance and keep them on your team.

Enhance motivation

Trust is at the heart of any team. Zenithr’s employee engagement works to drive employee motivation and trust using the IMPACT model that dives into the ins and outs of engagement and motivation in the workforce.

Improve business performance

Proven studies indicate that Employee Engagement is tied to psychological conditions like meaningfulness, safety, and availability. Zenithr aligns with these elements to foster an engaged workforce.

Unlock potential with employee engagement features

Impact model drivers

Developed based on scientific practices, research, and psychological insights, the IMPACT Model focuses on key drivers, including Innovation, Motivation, Performance, Autonomy, Connection, and Transformational Leadership that help you understand the drivers behind employee engagement.

Heatmap visualization

Gain a comprehensive understanding of workplace engagement through color-coded results, highlighting differences between selected variables for each driver and question.

Access recommendations and training programs

With comprehensive analyses, your business can highlight strengths, potential improvement areas, and factors most crucial to the new hire experience. Leverage these insights to create targeted interventions and optimize your onboarding program for continuous improvement.