Onboard your new hires like a pro

Zenithr’s Employee Onboarding survey makes your onboarding process easy and smooth. We help your new hires settle in through fitting into the team, increasing engagement and productivity with no hitches.
Employee Onboarding
Why employee Onboarding

Give them a smooth start to soar

Reduced turnover of new hires

With Zenithr’s Employee Onboarding, your new hires will feel supported and valued with strong onboarding surveys designed to retain talent and create a positive work environment.

Increased productivity

With a practical onboarding survey, employees can accelerate their knowledge acquisition and rapidly grasp the company’s culture, enabling new hires to integrate successfully into the workforce.

Improved team engagement

Zenithr’s Employee Onboarding improves and inspires more engagement with new hires through efficient practices that develop a smooth hiring process and encourages employee collaboration.

Ensure smooth onboarding for new team members

BRACE model surveys

Our evidence-based surveys assess onboarding experiences across five key factors: Belonging, Role Clarity, Adaptability, Continuity, and Efficacy (BRACE). Gain an in-depth understanding of employee thoughts, knowledge, and progression toward becoming productive team members.

Tailored surveys

Select from Single-Phase or Two-Phased surveys aligned with your onboarding timeline. Leverage role-specific customization for professional and managerial positions to ensure your questions accurately reflect your onboarding process and target audience.

Insights & recommendations

With comprehensive analyses, your business can highlight strengths, potential improvement areas, and factors most crucial to the new hire experience. Leverage these insights to create targeted interventions and optimize your onboarding program for continuous improvement.

Organizational comparisons

Track your company's onboarding progress over time. Compare results across products and levels to identify best practices and areas for improvement, ensuring consistent excellence throughout your organization.